a treasured recipe

20 years of delighting peoples tastebuds

Chef Michael Rasmussen (Chef Rassy) has used his proprietary seasoning blend in the dishes that have been loved by thousands over two decades.

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From beef to broccoli, veggies to pasta there’s no limit to what Rassy Rub can make taste awesome.

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Don’t be surprised if you find yourself reaching for your Rassy Rub Miracle Spice to add to your next dish.

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Our promise is to use only the highest quality ingredients and handcrafted preparation for every batch.

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Rassy Rub Miracle Spice is for those who share a passion for creating flavorful food right from their own kitchen.


OMG! I used Rassy Rub for the first time on some shrimp that I pan fried and served with pesto and pasta! Unbelievable, so good, everybody loved it!

– Kristy L.

I’ve had the privilege to be guest at a number of Chef Rassy dinners over the years. Now I can make my own Chef Rassy dishes at home. Coming for you chef!

– Jason M

I’m obsessed. Try it on eggs! Try it on cottage cheese! Corn on the Cobb…So good. I seriously just look for things to put Rassy Rub on. Sad…lol.

– Charlette S

Date night with wife. I grilled a couple of NY Strips, topped them off with some Rassy Rub. Wife agrees, might be the best steaks ever! Thank you Rassy!

– Steve W

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Cooking like a professional chef just got easier. Create magic with just one sprinkle that will have everyone asking for more.

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